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Analyze power quality

The first “A” of our 4A-concept is the Analysis of the power quality.

With our power quality analysis, we offer a fast and effective way for the early detection and correction of power quality problems. Depending on the requirements PQ ENGINEERING’s team offers you a wide range of services from quick tests of the voltage quality to  extensive power quality analysis.

Professional, reliable measurements: In accordance with current safety standards and with known quality analyzers we measure all electrical values​ on site​.

Evaluation according to actual standards: Our reports are based on the current measuring DIN standards such as EN 50160 and EN 61000-2-x or international rules G5/4 (UK) or IEEE519.

Detailed measurement reports: As a result of each measurement or analysis you receive a detailed protocol with the detected events.

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Power quality analysis

Power quality analysis The right solution for your power quality problem: PQ ENGINEERING offers you the best solution after a professional design and supports you to implement the measures.

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Neben einer störungsfreien Energieversorgung ist heute der fehlerfreie, EMV-gerechte Aufbau der Installation und Verbraucher-Anlagen entscheidend. Nur wenn alle Maßnahmen zur Reduzierung von Störeinkopplungen umgesetzt werden, lassen sich moderne Anlagen und Geräte ausfallfrei betreiben.

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Power Quality Measurement Technology

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Measurement technology for power quality Monitoring PQ ENGINEERING offers sale and service for: Mobile power analyzers Permanently installed measurement systems for power quality monitoring We only offer analyzers that we have already proofed for our own power quality measurements. We will help you...

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Janitza UMG509