PQE power quality analysis

The analysis according to standards

Our specialists examine your power supply network or the specific problem area with a complete analysis directly on site. Our highly sensitive measuring devices record all occurring network reactions and events. The result is a precise diagnosis of all acting factors and an evaluation based on the standard limit values.

In order to obtain as comprehensive a picture as possible, we recommend in most cases a long-term measurement, since with measurements over a period of a few hours some network events do not occur or cannot be proven as faults. Only by monitoring the network over several days or weeks can different operating and switching conditions in the network be investigated. At the end you will receive a meaningful measurement report with a description of the problem solution.


Netzanalyse Remote Check



The cost-effective power quality check

The remote power quality check is a cost-effective way to perform power quality analyses at remote locations: You receive prepared rental devices from our modern measurement technology pool and have them installed on site by your service personnel. We will gladly support you with a telephone briefing. To monitor the network quality, the network analyzers are then interrogated by us as required via UMTS routers or via network connection and evaluated for you.


Worldwide power quality analyses in the event of malfunctions

Machine builders and plant suppliers use our complete range of services

Automobile manufacturing in the USA, newspaper printing in India, mega yachts at sea – power quality problems occur everywhere and worldwide. The specialists of PQ ENGINEERING come on site with their power analyzers, analyze the problem case and carry out the necessary power quality measurements. PQ Engineering checks the quality of supply and shows whether the security of supply is endangered by resonances, harmonics/harmonics, interharmonics and other network repercussions.

The assignments are offered with all-inclusive prices, so that you as the plant supplier have a complete overview of the costs right from the start. The complete travel organization as well as a complete service report, if required also in English, complete the offer.

Netzanalysen USA

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