Fixed capacitors CD.. and single compensation CBANK

Medium voltage capacitor banks are manufactured from single capacitors in all-film technology. In the voltage range up to 24 kV, the capacitor banks can be provided with a cover to ensure protection against accidental contact with the live parts. System designs for indoor and outdoor installation are available.
For small compensation powers (up to 1500 kvar) the batteries are preferably constructed of three-phase capacitors, for larger powers the batteries are constructed of single-phase capacitors.

Power factor correction ECOMP

The ready-to-connect ECOMP medium-voltage system is designed as a cabinet system. The basic equipment includes HV HRC fuses, inrush current limiting reactors and three-phase capacitor(s). If external control is required, vacuum contactors are preferably installed.

Typical applications are: Motor fixed compensation, transformer fixed compensation or central compensation in networks with negligible harmonic load.

Detuned reactive power compensation SCOMP

Faultless function and high availability serve to ensure undisturbed production operation, plant safety and the protection of life. Depending on the installation site (freely accessible plant), the aspect of personal protection is of particular importance.

The systems of the SCOMP series are tested for arc fault resistance in conjunction with Pehla Guideline 4. SCOMP compensation systems are available as control systems and as fixed compensation systems.

Compensation systems in station buildings WCOMP

Ready-to-connect, controllable, detuned compensation systems in the station building: as a concrete building or container.
These plants are used in wind farms and PV parks as well as in the industrial sector.

Active power factor correction and harmonic compensation

Modular active filter system for industrial plants with large loads and mains voltages up to 24 kV.
Supplied as a weatherproof and air-conditioned, self-standing container solution or in a concrete station.

Scope of functions:

  • Reduce harmonics
  • Compensate reactive power
  • Balance currents
  • Reduce flicker
  • Compensate voltage fluctuations

Oberschwingungskompensation ADF_P700_STATCOM

Filterkreisanlage CDB_MS_CHARM

CHARM filter circuit systems

Passive filter systems for reduction of harmonics, damping of resonances and compensation of reactive power.

The systems are supplied in indoor and outdoor versions.