Oberschwingungsfilter CDB_NQ_Sofia

Harmonics filter SOFIA

Voltage-controlled harmonic filters with intelligent adaption (SOFIA) revolutionize the use of passive filters:

  • No measurement required for filter design
  • Automatic adjustment of the suction effect
  • No overloading at high harmonic levels
  • Losses approx. 30 % lower than conventional passive filters
  • Prepared for the damping of network resonances

Passive filter systems for automotive industry

Passive filters for the automotive industry solve harmonic problems solid and cost-effective. With our know-how from more than 100 successfully installed filter units in the areas of press shops, body shops, paint shops and assembly shops PQ ENGINEERING always offers the appropriate filter system.

Advantages of our automotive filters:

  • Robust cabinet design
  • Inherently safe CLMD-premium-capacitors
  • Automatic control with FKA-APP
  • Configuration via web server and on the filter screen
  • High harmonic capacity
  • Little losses



Passive filter CLMX-FC

The passive filter system CLMX-FC is used to reduce the harmonic levels in highly loaded power grids, in which compensation is needed in the same time.

Because of the robust cabinet design and the high efficiency at lower costs, the system is especially suitable for industrial use. The system specification is usually decided on the basis of a power quality analysis. Hybrid filters, which are a combination of passive and active filters, combine the optimum of cost and solution.

RESI resonance damping filter

RESI filters are used when disturbances with higher frequencies than the classical harmonics occur. Mains resonances cannot be eliminated with pure LC suction circuits, but are only shifted in frequency. Resonances can be effectively damped by introducing a damping resistor. RESI systems are available as modules, stand-alone units and cabinet units. They are also excellent for damping the effects of clock frequencies and commutation dips of high power converters.