Stabilize voltage, prevent interferences!

Voltage dips occur by switching to greater power levels, by site errors or already in the public power grid.

They often cause significant breakdowns. OSKAR provides a solution and protects your power grid through continuous voltage regulation against over- and under-voltages.


OSKAR – Dynamical Voltage Conditioner

Oskar from Condensator Dominit is easy to use and is based on an inverter system that protects sensitive industrial plants and commercial facilities from voltage-breakdowns. OSKAR ensures a fast and accurate compensation for undervoltage and overvoltage and for continuous voltage regulation and load compensation-related voltage changes.

OSKAR fullfills the requirements of site- safety at the expected voltage drops in AC power grids.

OSKAR has an efficiency of more than 98 % for loads of 300 kVA. He also controls the supply voltage within +/- 10 % and eliminates asymmetries in the supply voltage.

Main features:

  • fast response (t = 140 µs)
  • full compensation for 3-phase undervoltage up to 70 % residual voltage UN 1-phase to residual voltage UN 55 %
  • partial compensation for 3-phase  undervoltage up to 50 % to remaining UN
  • uninterrupted ONLINE” regulation
  • scalable short-circuit protection
  • no reduction of the short-circuit power as conventional UPS systems