Dimensioning of power quality solutions

Only a precise definition protects against bad investments

Our PQE-EXPERT report within the scope of the network analysis contains a complete description of all measuring points and comments on the measurement results as well as one or more solution concepts.

We show you various possible solutions for your power quality problem and compile the advantages and disadvantages.

On the basis of our technical specification, you draw up your tender and then decide on the basis of your budget and objectives.

Power Quality Lösungen

Grid simulation with PowerFactory

Save costs with forward-looking network planning and solution development!

The effects of planned new installations on an existing network can be checked by a professional computer simulation. In this way, potential disturbance variables can be identified at an early stage and taken into account during the project planning phase. If network problems have already been identified, suitable measures can be tested for economic and technical effectiveness and correctly dimensioned using simulation.

Detection of network feedback and analysis of harmonics with PowerFactory

If on-site power quality measurements are not possible, e.g. because a plant is only in the planning stage, we can use power system simulations to clarify which network feedback effects are to be expected. After the inventory, calculations are made for typical operating conditions. We document the results in a clear and meaningful report for you.

The network calculation program PowerFactory from DIgSILENT used by PQ ENGINEERING covers all possible methods of network simulation:

  • Complete high, medium and low voltage networks
  • Load flow calculations
  • Short-circuit calculations
  • Analyses of harmonics with harmonic load flow
  • Calculation of network impedance with determination of resonance points
  • Representation of switching operations

Planning with EPLAN

Keeping track with up-to-date plans!

A central basis for the evaluation of the network quality is an up-to-date and clear documentation of the network to be examined and the installed equipment. We offer you a comprehensive, meaningful inventory. At the same time, deficiencies in the network structure and faults can be recorded. The network structure is clearly displayed in EPLAN P8 as an overview diagram and in circuit diagrams.

Our own power quality solutions are planned and documented after dimensioning with EPLAN Electric P8.

Tender documents

Detailed tender texts for customized solutions

We support you in planning and procuring the suitable filter solution by providing you with customized tender documents for all products and services. The specification texts are provided in txt, doc and GAEB formats.