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Power Quality

In times of just-in-time production and optimal level of plant availability, efficient and faultless power grids build the foundation for success. There are also sensitive electronic devices that are used in almost any area.

The energy supplier is obliged to deliver a consistently high voltage quality. The loads reduce this quality by causing network perturbations. Even within the company repercussions, that can affect power quality and possible failures, can occur. Therefore especially powerful loads (e.g. machines, induction furnace and production lines) or an accumulation of deveices (e.g. computer networks) are responsible. With the increasing complexity of a power grid, it is hard to identify the  cause and optimize the grid voltage.

In the recent years, the term Power Quality has become a synonym for the endeavour to analyze the energy supply in complex grid structures, discover problems and solve these with an adequate solution. Detailed simulations support providently the planning of expansion or new building. Furthermore Power Quality represents the efficient usage of the resource electric energy and therefore offers significant savings in many cases.

Whether it is the Maglev in China, business tower in Dubai or newspaper presses in the United States of America, because of the world wide export of high technology the term Power Quality as a requirement on-site gains relevance internationally.



For more than 40 years PQ ENGINEERING Nosswitz GmbH is a reliable service provider for customers in energy supply and industry as well as in transportation, plant and machine construction.

In the past 25 years, we as an engineerig office for Electrical and Power Engineering focused on power quality and reactive power compensation.

What company founder Frank Nosswitz had to analyze with single-phase meters, is now handled with an extensive pool of state-of-the-art power analyzers. By using our simulation software, we can analyze and document every existing or future power grid.

With a team of specialists and modern know-how we perform measurements world wide, plan and install solutions to optimize the electrical power supply on-site. In exchange with research and practice we keep our knowledge about detection, aquisiton and valuation of repercussions up to date and forward the information in nationwide technical seminars.