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Only new things are progress!

PQE News

Only new things are progress!

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2907, 2023

PQE hMF – The power quality filter with autopilot

July 29, 2023|

Discover the latest generation of PQE hMF filter! With auto-tuning function and low-loss Comsys active filter modules PPMv4, this active line filter enables optimal compliance with IEEE519 and EN61000-2-4 limits for industrial, infrastructure and commercial applications.

1407, 2023

Power Quality Analyses in the Beverage Industry

July 14, 2023|

PQ ENGINEERING emphasizes the important role of power quality in the beverage industry, as their network analyses have shown that insufficient electrical power quality can have a significant impact on the production and taste of high-quality beverages.

2212, 2022

Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2022|

Thank you and Merry Christmas! At the end of the year, we would like to thank our customers, business partners, employees and all our friends. The good cooperation and many successful power quality projects have made this 50th anniversary year of PQ ENGINEERING a very special one. We look forward to [...]

412, 2022

Power Quality Analyzer Class A++ The next generation!

December 4, 2022|

Supraharmonics lead to higher frequency ranges for which there are no adequate standards, although power quality measurement technology is available for measurements up to 500 kHz. With the PQA8000 H power analyzer from NEO Messtechnik, PQ ENGINEERING now has the possibility to acquire and evaluate FFT levels of voltages and currents up to 500 kHz with highest precision.

1711, 2022

PQE hMF goes flicker!

November 17, 2022|

With a response time of 1 millisecond and Comsys' special "flicker license", the highly dynamic PQE hMF active filters are also suitable for highly dynamic reactive power compensation.

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