Hybrid filter tailor-made

The task

Continuous upgrading of production machines with power electronics devices leads to increasing disturbances in industrial grids. At the same time the reactive power demand drops. Therefore old power factor correction systems must be replaced by new power quality filters. Where space is limited, the use of standard solutions is limited too. For the installation of power quality filters at our customer’s transformer stations only low niches were available. Here the task was to plan and build up flexible filter solutions for the existing spaces.

The solution

The hybrid modular filter hMF from PQ ENGINEERING is optimally adapted to the existing space requiremements. The modular filter concept allows the problem-oriented combination of different filter modules. In this case active filter modules PPM and passive broadband filter modules PBM were installed in only 1800 mm high cabinets. In addition to the reduction of the “classic” harmonics from 5th to 19th order, a reduction of voltage distortions with frequencies above 2 kHz is also required.

hybrid filter hMF for harmonic compensation

power quality measurement on hybrid filter hMF

The advantages

The customized filter module cabinets are adapted to the existing space requirements. Existing spaces of the uninstalled compensation systems can be reused.

The hybrid solution combines the advantages of active filters and passive filters. This reduces the investment costs. The losses are lower compared to pure active filters.

The voltage distortions in the range 1.5 … 3.5 kHz are attenuated. The waveforms recorded with an eberle PQ BOX 150 show the voltages without hMF (top) and hMF (bottom).