PQube – The power quality digital camera

The PQube meter combines a very accurate energy monitor with a high quality power quality monitor. Both are integrated into a compact housing and can be operated without additional software.

Voltage disturbances are immediately detected whenever they occur. Waveforms are recorded with time stamp in Excel® compatible CSV format or as an image.

Also possible: continuous recording of energy and peak value measurement, incl. Kilowatt-hours, apparent power, kVAh, power factor, peak current, peak apparent power, peak power, unbalances.

As easy to use as a digital camera. – Everything you need is stored on a standard SD card.


  • Three-phase/single-phase voltage monitoring – Worldwide for all networks up to 690V L-L (400V L-N), 50/60/400Hz.

  • Automatic network configuration (patent pending). – Captures single phase, phase-to-phase, delta, star, and many others.

  • Nominal voltage and nominal frequency are also detected automatically.

  • One digital input, two additional ±60V analog input channels, one (optionally four) output relay contacts and two temperature-humidity channels.

  • Sampling rate 12.8 kHz

Mains voltage monitoring:

  • Overvoltage, undervoltage and voltage interruption – waveform U(t) and RMS graphs

  • Frequency fluctuations

  • 1-microsecond high frequency pulse detection

  • THD, TDD, voltage unbalance and current unbalance

  • Harmonics up to 63rd order for voltage and current.

  • RMS Flicker – Pinst, PST, PLT

  • Detailed event recordings, plus daily, weekly and monthly trend analyses

No additional software required:

  • Tables: CSV Excel® compatible files, events, trend curves, statistics.

  • Images: Events and trend curves/statistics. Output bilingual graphs directly from your PQube in universal GIF format.

  • PQDIF: the IEEE standard for mains voltage monitoring files.

  • Text, XML, and HTML summaries: perfect for interfacing with other programs.

For easy installation:

  • For expansion: modules for Ethernet, current detection, power supply are simply plugged together without further wiring effort

  • Top-hat rail or wall mounting

  • Integrated UPS with Li-Ion battery

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