The future of power quality – Power Quality goes future!

The continuation of our seminar series “The future of power quality – Power Quality goes future!” deals with an explosive topic that increasingly concerns us. Practitioners with many years of experience in the fields of power quality and EMC will report on their experiences with high-frequency network feedback in power supply networks and industrial plants.


  • “Power Quality goes HF” – voltage feedback 2 – 150 kHz and sustainable solutions

  • The significant increase in voltage feedback at high frequencies often necessitates a rethink. The proverbial edge of the plate is just the beginning!

  • Causes, effects, peculiarities and solutions of the repercussions above 2 kHz

  • Current status of voltage quality standards in this frequency range

  • Available measurement technology as well as requirements for the devices and the measurement setup

  • The EMC-compliant installation under the aspect of high-frequency feedback effects


  • 17.04.2018 – Porsche Leipzig plant (with subsequent plant tour)

  • 19.04.2018 – Allianz Arena Munich (followed by a guided tour of the stadium) – OUTSTANDED


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