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PQ ENGINEERING – Always the optimal solution for your power quality problem

The third “A” of our 4A-concept means Applications.

Power quality problem detected! What’s next?  Flicker, voltage dips, unbalanced loads, noise, heat or defective equipment: Our goal is not only to recognize faults, but also to reduce them. Based on the measurement data we can offer you the right solution.

Your advantage: You will get all services from a single source – from analysis to installation and commissioning.




For compensation systems, active and passive filters, voltage converters and other solutions we rely on the products from experienced, known manufacturers. When selecting and interpreting the individual cases, however, we rely solely on our own expertise and the results of our power analysis. We can offer you:

  • Compensation systems
  • Dynamic compensation systems
  • Capacitor banks
  • Flicker compensation
  • Active and passive filters
  • Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC)
  • Varied special solutions

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Active filter

Aktivfilter Comsys ADF P300

PQ Engineering offers the complete portfolio of active filters, small 30 A wall-mounted filters and modular floor standing filters up to a system voltage of 690 V. Our speciality are voltage-regulated active filters...

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Aktivfilter Comsys ADF P300

Condensator Dominit SOFIA

Passive filters

Condensator Dominit SOFIA

Simple solutions for classical grid problems - passive filters by PQ ENGINEERING. With more than 100 filter units only for the automotive industry we know exactly which solution is needed for the best result. Passive filters are in many cases an economical solution to reduce voltage disturbances...

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Voltage conditioner OSKAR


Stabilize voltage, prevent interferences! Voltage dips occur by switching to greater power levels, by site errors or already in the public power grid. They often cause significant breakdowns. OSKAR provides a solution and protects your power grid through continuous voltage regulation...

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