In addition to the current-regulated active filters available everywhere on the market active filters with voltage regulation are our speciality. Why should harmonics be measured when voltage distortions have to be compensated?

Comsys ADF P100

Comsys ADF P100 active filter for wall-mounting (3-wire)

The modular concept is also reflected in the filters for wall-mounting. The compact filter offers full redundancy in multi-master mode. In the current version the ADF P100 is available with touch display.

Designed for a compact wall-mounting cabinet or for a free standing cabinet for a current compensation about 70 to 130 A (up to 480 V) and 90 A (up to 690 V).


  • Harmonics compensation
  • Dynamic power factor correction
  • Loadbalancing

Comsys ADF P200 active filter

The unique active filter with real voltage regulation. Response times in the range of microseconds allow best compensation results even with highly dynamic interferences.
Delivered as a ready-to-connect cabinet with a compensation current of 100 A. Also available as ADF P200W with water cooling and protection class IP54 for harsh environmental conditions.


  • compensate harmonics
  • reduce interharmonics
  • dampens resonance

With our special version PQE P200-100 is the reduction of interferences possible up to 6 kHz. Ideal for frequency faults and high-frequency resonances.


Comsys ADF P200 TPK

ADF P300 active filters

Powerful modular system solution for the dynamic optimization of power quality with response times significantly under 1 ms.

Supplied as a floor standing cabinet with compensation currents about 120 to 360 A (690 V: 90 to 270 A)

Nominal voltages about 208 V to 690 V


  • reduce harmonics
  • reduce flicker
  • reduce voltage fluctuations

ADF P300 Active filter

Active filter ADF P300W

Comsys ADF P300W water cooled active filter

Powerful modular solution for dynamic optimization of power quality with response times significantly under 1 msDelivered as a ready-to-connect cabinet with compensation currents from 150 to 450 A.

The internal cooling water circuit allows an increased protection class IP54 and predestined the ADF P300W for harsh environmental conditions.

Nominal voltages up to 690 V