Harmonicfilter SOFIA

This voltage regulated filter with an intelligent adaptation revolutionize the use of passive filters:

  • no measurement for filter dimensioning required
  • automatic adjustment of suction effects
  • no overload at high harmonic levels
  • approximately 30 % smaller losses than conventional passive filters
  • prepared for the damping of resonances


High-Pass-Filter HP

Mains feedback in the frequency range above 2500 Hz, such as interference from inverter clock frequencies, commutation notches or high frequency signal levels make the future a serious Problem.

The passive high-pass filter in cabinetdesign is a cost-effective solution to reduce these disturbances. A combination with passive and active filters is possible.

Filtersystems for automotive-industry

Passive filters for the automotive industry solve harmonic problems solid and cost-effective. With our know-how from more than 100 successfully installed filter units in the areas of press shops, body shops, paint shops and assembly shops PQ ENGINEERING always offers the appropriate filter system.

Advantages of our automotive filters:

  • Robust cabinet design
  • Inherently safe CLMD-premium-capacitors
  • Automatic control with FKA-APP
  • Configuration via web server and on the filter screen
  • High harmonic capacity
  • Little losses