Seminar on “Reactive Power Management in Medium-Voltage Networks

We would like to thank the numerous visitors for the exchange of experiences and the lively discussions during the seminar on “Reactive Power Management in Medium Voltage Networks” organized by PQ ENGINEERING and IB Biebl on June 21.

First, Mr. Peter Biebl introduced the topic and highlighted the causes for the increasing overcompensation of the supply networks. Ralf Nosswitz (PQ ENGINEERING) showed the problems of capacitive networks in industry and later presented modern STATCOM solutions for low and medium voltage networks. Our guest speaker Mr. Manuel Schörmann, Product Manager Medium Voltage at Condensator-Dominit, provided us with an overview of the complete portfolio of solutions for the compensation of capacitive networks.

During the joint lunch at the Dinzler coffee roasting plant, the topics were discussed intensively before the event came to an end with a freshly roasted coffee in the house.

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