Voltage dips severely disrupt production processes

Right now, voltage dips are again accumulating as a result of increased thunderstorm tendencies. Voltage dips in the range of several 100 milliseconds occur due to the fault clearance initiated by the grid operators (AWE = Automatic Reconnection). Continuous production processes fail, controls “stop”, sensitive equipment is destroyed.

The AVC (Active Voltage Conditioner) voltage stabilizer helps here.

A comparative measurement with two PQube power quality monitors demonstrates the excellent effect of the Active Voltage Conditioner in a customer installation. The first diagram shows the fluctuating voltage curve at the input of the distribution before the AVC. Each green flag marks a critical voltage dip. The second diagram shows the much more stable voltage after the AVC. The connected devices are supplied with a constant voltage, the typical “short interruptions” (KU) no longer occur.

In contrast to the classic UPS system, the voltage optimizers AVC

  • low operating costs

  • hardly any maintenance

  • Low space requirement

You can find more information about the power quality monitor PQube here

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