Concentrated filter technologies in one cabinet

The modular hybrid filter PQE hMF-FCM-ABM combines with the filter circuit module FCM and the active broadband module ABM the two patented filter technologies SOFIA® and ADF P200 in one cabinet. This creates a voltage-guided filter system with unprecedented performance:

  • Only 50 % losses compared to comparable active filters

  • Operating range 250 Hz to 5000 Hz (instead of 2500 Hz)

  • Response time of the entire system < 20 µs

  • No risk of overload as with conventional passive filters

  • Active resonance damping instead of simple resonance avoidance

  • Complete elimination of current transformers instead of complex current transformer circuits

  • High redundancy, as each module has its own control system

The PQE hMF-FCM-ABM modular hybrid filter can be used to compensate for the multiple network feedbacks in modern industrial networks quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

More info: PQE-hMF-FCM-ABM product description

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