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In modern industrial plants, the quality of the voltage plays just as important a role as the quality of the other raw materials. A large number of decentralized power generation systems due to the energy transition and the extreme increase of ‘unclean’ devices and electrical loads are making our grids increasingly unstable. Harmonics, supraharmonics, resonances and many other mains disturbancies disrupt sensitive manufacturing processes and productions. PQE finds the disturbances and eliminates them so that a stable and standard-compliant mains voltage is reinstated.

Energy savings and operating cost reductions are playing an increasingly important role. That is why we are placing a special emphasis here. Our plant solutions are future-oriented and offer you significant reductions in energy costs. In addition, our coordinated services lead to a significant reduction in the risk of equipment failure. This extends the service life of the products and you save costs and increase your operational reliability.

You receive all services from a single source, from power quality analysis to installation and commissioning of the appropriate measures. Thus, we are extremely flexible and look for a tailor-made solution for each specific need. When using compensation systems, power quality filters, conditioners and other solutions, we rely on the products of experienced, well-known manufacturers. However, we rely on our own expertise and the results of our power quality analyses when it comes to selection and design for specific requirements.

PQ ENGINEERING has been internationally active in electrical power engineering for 50 years. Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of power quality. Our experienced team consists of specialists from the fields of energy and measurement technology. Continuous training and certification are a matter of course for our and your quality standards.

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