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Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Nosswitz

Managing Director of PQ ENGINEERING since 2008, Ralf Nosswitz has successfully taken over the family business founded by his father. While studying electrical power engineering at the Technical University in Munich, he took his first steps in the Power Quality sector. At ABB Capacitors, he developed the first automatic evaluation tool for power quality analysis and gained experience in filter design.

With many years of experience in many industries such as automotive, beverage, airports, plastics processing industry and many more, he positions himself with a wide range of knowledge in the power quality sector. With this know-how and its team of experts, who carry out measurements, calculate, set up and commission plants, PQ ENGINEERING has established itself over the years as a well-known full-service provider in the power quality sector. With more than 100 foreign projects from Australia to Siberia, Ralf Nosswitz and PQ ENGINEERING have made an international name for themselves.

The modular hybrid filter system PQE hMF was also developed by Ralf Nosswitz and his team. In doing so, they set a new market standard for power quality filters.

He shares his knowledge to practical persons in industry and energy supply In regular presentations at seminars and partner meetings.

From an engineering office to a full-service provider

For 50 years, we have been a reliable service provider for customers in the energy supply and industrial sectors as well as in transportation, plant engineering and mechanical engineering. Over the past 25 years, we have developed from an engineering company for electrical and energy technology into a full-service provider in the power quality sector.

What company founder Frank Nosswitz still had to fathom with single-phase meters and paper recorders in the early 1980s is now done by an extensive pool of state-of-the-art power analyzers. Together with modern simulation software, we are thus able to thoroughly analyze and document any existing or planned power supply grid.

With a team of specialists and modern know-how, we carry out power quality analyses worldwide, plan and install solutions to optimize the electrical energy supply on site.

Partnerships with internationally active power quality companies make us part of the global power quality community.

Have you also experienced the following problems?

  • Production downtime
  • Malfunctions
  • Limit violations
  • defective devices due to poor power quality
  • Strong heating of transformers and lines
  • Flickering of the lighting
  • disturbing noises from the distribution
  • Rejection of warranty by suppliers

As an affected party, you are interested in a target-oriented solution!

However, you often receive a measurement report from a neutral expert without a proposed solution, or a supplier offers you their product that is not suitable for the problem at hand.

This is where our 4A concept comes in.

One face to the customer – PQ ENGINEERING offers you the complete solution:

  • Analysis of the problem and design of a solution
  • Realization of the solution and support during operation

The advantages of the 4A concept for the customer

  • One contact person for the entire project
  • No interface discussion between reviewers and suppliers
  • Know how from analysis to solution
  • Guaranteed solution quality
  • Support of the systems in operation