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Learn more about the 4A-concept of PQ ENGINEERING and our applications to improve power quality. Different case studies will give you an impression how we analyse and solve power quality problems.

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Reference Case

Hybrid filter hMF tailor-made

Read how our hybrid modular filters hMF can be integrated into existing switchgear optimally. We improve the power quality with a flexible combination of active and passive filter modules.

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New video "Introdution to ADF Power Tuning"

The new video gives a short introduction on ADF Power Tuning - the technology on...

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New passive filter module: PQE PBM

Disturbances in the frequency range above 2 kHz, such as ripple caused by inverter switching...

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Our aim is not only to detect disturbances but to reduce them for operation reliability and cost effectivness.

Active filters
Passive filters and compensation
Voltage Conditioner OSKAR

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