The practical EMC inventory

Our specialists carry out comprehensive inventories of existing systems and new installations. A large number of tests at home and abroad provide the basis for targeted testing and practical suggestions for improvement. Often, it is not only mains interference that is the cause of system failures. The design of control cabinets and the installation of cables, busbars and control lines also have a major influence on trouble-free operation. Our EMC analyses have often enabled us to conclude lengthy troubleshooting procedures. Typical faults are the parallel laying of power cables and control cables, incorrectly shielded motor cables on frequency converters or faulty earthing systems.

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Earthing measurements for trouble-free operation

Optimum earthing as the basis of EMC

Practice shows that the equipotential bonding and grounding system has more than a protective function. Only through optimal grounding can sensitive electronic consumers and data transmissions be operated without errors. We use the C.A 6460 from Chauvin Arnoux for the grounding measurements of the system. Using the conventional rod earth electrode methods, the earth resistance measuring device enables measurements of the specific ground resistance (“4-wire method”), the earth resistance (“3-wire method”) and the contact resistances between electrically independent earth electrodes (“4-wire method”).

Bei speziellen Aufgabenstellungen ergänzen wir unser Team durch weitere Spezialisten. Somit erhalten auch Sie eine lückenlose, zuverlässige Analyse aus einer Hand.