Voltage disturbances: Active Voltage Conditioner

Voltage fluctuations and voltage dips are a common cause of operational problems. They arise, among other things, from the connection of large powers, from plant faults or are already passed on via the public power supply network with inadequate network quality. Active Voltage Conditioners (AVC) provide a remedy here! They protect sensitive industrial plants, production equipment and devices from voltage disturbances.

By continuously regulating the line voltage, AVCs provide compensation for load-related voltage changes. They correct undervoltages and overvoltages with minimum response times (t < 1 period).

PQ Engineering offers Condensator Dominit’s AVC2 Standard, a sophisticated, high-performance active voltage conditioner available for loads from 160 kVA to 30 MVA. Extremely fast response times and an efficiency of over 98% are its distinguishing features. Rely on our know-how in optimal design and professional installation.

About the product: Active Voltage Conditioner AVC

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