“The future of voltage quality”

The lively interest with more than 60 participants shows us that we have hit the right topics with the seminar “The Future of Voltage Quality”. At the Allianz Arena in Munich and the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, practitioners reported on which power system feedback effects can be expected in the future and which solutions are already available today to improve power quality.

Frank Strobel (PQ Professionals GmbH) outlined the trend towards increasingly complex network feedback and brought the audience up to date on the topic of power quality standards.

Ralf Nosswitz (PQ ENGINEERING Nosswitz GmbH) dealt with measures for the reduction of currently occurring network feedbacks in his first presentation. The second presentation showed with many practical examples the typical errors that can be prevented by an EMC-compliant system installation.

With Gerald Frizlen (Janitza electronics GmbH) we were able to win a proven expert on the subject of “Equalizing currents and RCM monitoring”, who reported on the current possibilities of measurement technology.

For those who could not attend this time, we offer the opportunity to register for our follow-up seminar in spring 2018. We will provide further information under Power Quality Training in due time.

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