Optimal performance and clean energy: Active line filters with Impedance Control from PQ ENGINEERING

PQ ENGINEERING’s PQE hMF active line filters use “Impedance Control” – This advanced technology enables optimal matching of input impedance to source and load, reducing harmful harmonics, preventing resonance and ensuring reliable power supply. The PQE hMF filter concept relies on Comsys AB’s PPM active filter modules and is the efficient solution for clean energy in modern applications.

Diagram 1 shows the network without filters, with resonances occurring and causing a voltage distortion of over 10%. These distortions can cause power loss, heat generation, and undesirable effects on connected equipment.

In contrast, Diagram 2 shows the significant improvement with a Total Harmonic Distortion (THDU) of about 4% after implementing PQE hMF and Comsys’ active filter modules. The Impedance Control effectively eliminates resonances and brings the voltage quality to an optimal level.


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