Dynamic solutions for nonlinear network feedbacks

Reactive currents, network unbalances, flicker or voltage fluctuations: Operational supply networks are subject to a variety of disturbances caused by the connected loads. In addition to failures and premature wear, many of these disruptive effects lead to unnecessarily increasing energy requirements. Here, the active optimization systems ADF from Comsys offer compensation almost in real time.

The modular active filters impress with response times well below 1 ms. This means they can be used for effective reduction of highly dynamic disturbance variables and flicker compensation. Even against the background of more stringent limits imposed by standards such as the British G5/4, ADF technology reliably solves a wide range of network problems:

  • Harmonics (non-linear behavior)

  • Reactive currents (phase shift)

  • Unbalanced loads

  • Disturbances (transients, flicker)

  • Voltage fluctuations

  • Resonance phenomena

The systems are available in different versions for low-voltage and medium-voltage networks. They are already being used successfully in both commercial and industrial applications. As a sales partner, PQ Engineering takes care of custom-fit dimensioning, worldwide installation by qualified personnel, and worldwide service.

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