Power Quality Analyzer Class A++ The next generation!

Supraharmonic do not adhere to norms. The current measurements show that grid perturbations are progressively penetrating higher frequency ranges. Standardization and the necessary limit specifications are not keeping pace with this trend. But the power quality measurement technology for measurements up to 500 kHz is already available.

With the acquisition of the PQA8000 H power analyzers from NEO Messtechnik, PQ ENGINEERING is now able to acquire and evaluate FFT levels of voltages and currents up to 500 kHz with highest precision. Features like 8 current channels, highest accuracy 0.05 %, 4 hours battery runtime and high safety category CAT IV 600 V make the analyzer the ideal tool for fault analysis!

After the very informative in-house training by Bernhard Grasel from NEO Messtechnik GmbH, we are already looking forward to the next power quality measurements in a “new dimension”.


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