High requirements for power factor correction

Commercial objects such as large office complexes, laboratories, data centers place high demands on power factor correction. The reactive power changes from the inductive to the capacitive range and back during the day, many single-phase loads lead to an unbalanced phase load.

With the use of a PQE SVG-C, PQ ENGINEERING was able to demonstrate that optimal reactive power compensation is achieved through the modern technology of a Static Var Generator (SVG). The modular cabinet is rated at 400 kVar and dynamically compensates for power fluctuations in less than 20 milliseconds. At the same time, load balancing can be activated so that uniform phase loading and reduced N conductor currents are achieved.

All measured values can be queried via the touch display of the SVG modules. The comparison of the measurement on the load and grid side shows the improvements during commissioning:

The unbalanced phase currents on the load side are evenly balanced to approx. 128 A. The capacitive displacement factor cos φ is improved from 0.84..0.94 to a constant 0.99 inductively.

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