Mobile network analysis with PQube

Why not use the advantages of a permanently installed power analyzer for mobile measurements as well? The new “PQube To Go” from PQ ENGINEERING combines the simple operation and evaluation of the PQube (see also with a practical design for use in industrial plants and mechanical engineering.

The Power Quality Monitor is supplied as a carrying case with built-in PQube, CTE1, two power supplies, 3 Rogowski current clamps, 1 set of voltage measurement leads with fuses and 5 dolphin clamps. Current clamps, temperature sensors and measuring taps are available for expansion.

Typical applications:

  • Acceptance measurements after new installation and modification of equipment

  • Service personnel install the pre-configured power analyzer at a measuring point, a power quality expert later performs the power analysis via remote access using the measured data

  • Dispatch of a preset power analyzer kit to the site of an installation

  • Instant analysis of the network quality for service personnel on the construction site

  • Long-term monitoring for sporadic failures

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